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EGYPT (EGY) is made to be a Gold-Backed Way of Payment Token solving the problem of losing investments in Cryptocurrency market by giving 0.70 USD back for every paid 1.00 USD in case if our market value fall down, so you saved 70% of your investment.

Technical Information


Symbol: EGY

Price: 1 EGY = 0.1 US Dollar

Total supply: 1000000000 EGY

Total EGY for public: 650000000 EGY

Token Decimals: 18

ERC20 Contract: 0xa8F74d0dDfa590bA7e0794E9742846Eb52f2aCAC

Block Size: 16.348 Kbytes (EGYPT (EGY) uses Ethereum's block size and rate)

Wallets in use: Any wallet that accept ERC20 Tokens like Trust, Coinomi.

 About EGYPT (EGY)   

A Gold-backed open-source payment network which allows peer 2 peer transfer of tokens among the community of EGY holders.

EGY decentralized blockchain technology is build on Ethereum protocol to operate with no central authority or banks. Another Ethereum-based token that serves as a blockchain representation is Wrapped Luna. Get detailed information on Wrapped Luna if you are interested.

Services for the community

1- EGYPT Ride:  EGYPT Ride is One of EGYPT CryptoCoin services for the community through a Mobile App to move people from Point A to Point B by using the Blockchain technology with a peer 2 peer payment system  to guaranty the Lowest  possible fare for riders and a high return for drivers.

2- EGYPT Marketplace and ICO Listing:  ( ) is decentralized with centralized trade audits and dispute resolution for a start.

EGYPT (EGY) development team will explore means to decentralize this feature.

EGYPT (EGY) is a simple way to exchange money at a very low cost with Community services like EGYPT Ride, a Market Place and other services will follow.

EGYPT (EGY) marketplace will be developed as a multipurpose, multi vendor marketplace to ICO Listing, buy or sell goods and services in exchange and use for EGY Tokens.

EGYPT (EGY) is a Gold-backed Currency

To earn bounty, airdrop and bonus. Please submit a different EGY Wallet address you used to buy ICO as wallet would loose gold backing if any coin in it is spent.

Above also applies for EGY spent on EGY Marketplace.

Bounty, Airdrop, Bonus distribution after ICO.


Blockchain Transparency: 

Blockchain provides full transaction transparency, resulting in increased trust and a higher outputs for the holders. All transactions are done via EGY, an Ethereum token. Apart from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc., are other popular cryptocurrencies. Automated trading bots allow traders to trade most cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin era platform is an efficient trading bot that is ideal for all traders.  

Gold Backed:

EGY is the first real gold backed ERC20 token, giving your token a value that helps control volatility of the currency in future and present.

This makes EGY most stable for merchants and vendors to accept.

Fast Transaction:

EGY provides a seamless transactions speed compared to regular traditional transactions time.

Attractive Tokenomics:

EGY is a fixed supply ERC20 token that is used in all transactions within and outside the EGY ecosystem, from Transportation, travel, tours, hotel, health insurance, marketplace spending and external purchases via the EGY payments gateway. 

Real utility means real demand for the EGY token.

King Tut Ank Amon, c. 1332 – 1323 BC
King Tut Ank Amon, c. 1332 – 1323 BC

Coin Distribution

Public sales: ------------- 650 Million EGY

Founding from partners/Private Investors: 250 Million EGY

Development: --------------  40 Million EGY

Airdrops:  ---------------------- 5 Million EGY

Bonus:  ------------------------- 5 Million EGY

Bounty:  ---------------------- 10 Million EGY

PR & Marketing: -------------- 5 Million EGY

Legal:  --------------------------- 5 Million EGY

Exchange & Partnerships: - 10 Million EGY

Office & Miscellaneous:  --- 10 Million EGY

Reserve:  ------------------------ 9 Million EGY

Total:  ---------------------- 1000 Million EGY


Passport No. A17758024 of King Ramesses II, 1279–1213 BC
Passport No. A17758024 of King Ramesses II, 1279–1213 BC

Rules, Risks and Disclaimer


Starting from 01/01/2020 rules will be as following:-

- EGYPT (EGY) will not be Gold-backed for any new holders if EGYPT (EGY) Market price is higher than 0.1 US Dollar.

- If you buy EGYPT (EGY) before  01/01/2020 with price of 0.10 US Dollar for each 1 EGY directly through the Founder and the Market price collapse after 01/01/2020 If you wish to return your EGY back to us ( and you have the proof of paying from the Founder ) we will give you back the money you paid  based on 0.70 US Dollar in return of every paid 1 US Dollar, the 0.70 USD  payback is calculated after deducting all the expenses which is caused by Government taxes, exchange charges from ETH to Fiat to Gold to Fiat to ETH, money will be sent to your Ethereum Wallet after deducting the transfer fees. 

Money will be sent to your Ethereum Wallet after  deducting the transfer fees.



EGYPT (EGY) virtual currency is volatile. The EGYPT (EGY) virtual currency price can change 50% per day or even more.


If you use an unsafe computer, you can lose access to your EGYPT (EGY) virtual currency units. You are responsible for the safety of the computer you are using.


Please make sure you are dealing with honest counterparties (shops, retailers and etc.) while using EGYPT (EGY) virtual currency for your purchases. EGYPT (EGY) virtual currency payments are irreversible. 


EGYPT CryptoCoin - EGYPT (EGY)

  • EGYPT CryptoCoin is not (and will not be) connected in anyway with the Egyptian Government. 
  • EGYPT CryptoCoin has never been contacted by any agency anywhere in the world in a way which requires that contact not to be disclosed.
  • EGYPT CryptoCoin will publicly disclose any sort of inquiry from government agencies that falls outside the scope of regular business operations
  • EGYPT CryptoCoin we will be fully cooperating with any government agencies in case of using EGYPT (EGY) Token in any criminal activity specially against Women and Children.

King of Egypt and Sudan Farouk I,
28 April 1936 – 26 July 1952
King of Egypt and Sudan Farouk I, 28 April 1936 – 26 July 1952

Trust Wallet


Wallet Name: Trust

Are we in it: Yes

After login please follow those steps

- Go to Wallet, Tokens

- Click the ( + ) sign on top right

- Again click the ( + ) sign on top right

- Add the following:-

Contract address: 0xa8F74d0dDfa590bA7e0794E9742846Eb52f2aCAC


Symbol: EGY

Decimals: 18

- Click Done on Top Right

Now you have EGYPT (EGY) on your Coins list.


* EGYPT (EGY) is not responsible for any lose of your Funds/Fiat/Cryptocurrency/tokens *