The future

EGYPT CryptoCoin is not only a coin, it’s a community based on that coin.

The dream is establishing a WORLD WIDE group of services available ONLY for the coin holders, those services will be tailor made through the unsold tokens available and will be made with a high luxurious classy touch of excellence.


- Medical Care

- Vacation

- Cruises

- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Flights

- Luxury cars

- Shopping

- Fashion

- ICO Listing

- And much more, all will be made available through EGY Marketplace.

Countries of focus apart from countries already stated on the road-map will be voted by the EGY Crypto coin community holders.

 We are in talks with top hotels, a tourism and ship cruise companies and a vehicle manufacturing companies for exclusive deals for EGY holders.

We hope to bring in more partnership for the benefit of EGY holders world wide.

After the ICO we will do the following ASAP: 

1- After the ICO the EGY will have a value so it can be used as a way of payment .

2- Starting the process to lunch EGYPT Ride

3- Tourism and travel: We will have contracts with Hotels and Airlines World wide to accept EGY as a way of payment and we will establish our own Travel service Office specially and only for EGY holders to make there reservations and bookings, The office service will be free of charge 24/7.

4- Health Care: we will have contracts with as much number of Hospitals, Doctors and Pharmacies  World wide to accept EGY as a way of payment.

5- Also we will do the same with Schools, Universities World wide to accept EGY as a way of payment.

Charity Efforts:

- Helping children ( Specially in Africa ) those have health problems by paying for their treatments.

- Providing a quality education for as much Child we can ( Specially in Africa ).

Those are the Two main Charity fields that we will focus on and more charity causes will be voted for by community.