Buy egypt (EGY)

Buy  EGYPT (EGY) through the following steps:

  • No Minimum amount to buy
  • Price is: 1.00 EGY = 0.10 US Dollars

1- PayPal: Price is ( 1 EGY= 0.11 USD because of PayPal Fee )

2- Bitcoin address:   3JXAzKtgchn9SAFiZDK55Jjq9gPhL88AuH

3- BCH address:      34FozoGV5maZLvtu4ZWfS7W7661HaMpEoB

4- ETH address:       0xf2e27f69c5401d237b7d134f7339ed0531993bf6

5-  LTC address :      MHMDvpZP9qAetnZW2TDDgin6BfVb4eLPQh

6-  TUSD  address (((( Only supported ERC20 Tokens ))) :


7- XRP address:       rLSn6Z3T8uCxbcd1oxwfGQN1Fdn5CyGujK

                                           ((( Destination Tag: 64796003 )))

  • To receive your EGY:- After payment please send your Ethereum Address and a proof of payment to, we will send your EGY to your ETH Wallet.

Steps to see your EGY in myetherwallet:-

1- Go to myetherwallet

2- Click on the “View Wallet Info” tab.

3- Click “Add Custom Token” on the right hand side under “token balances”

4- Enter the following:

a- Smart contract address: 0xa8F74d0dDfa590bA7e0794E9742846Eb52f2aCAC

b- Symbol: EGY

c- Decimals: 18

5- Click “Save”

Now you can see your EGYPT (EGY) tokens balance at your wallet in MyEtherWallet, and


buy Egypt (EGY) by PAYPAL